Crazy Crows Old Pouches

For the last year, your Crows have been collecting Shiny Bits. Now, you can claim your Old Pouches that generate $SHINYBITS and use them to purchase rewards, solve puzzles, and more. Are you ready to find out how your Crows got so Crazy?

MysteriesThere are mysteries to be solved.

IntroducingCrazy Crows Old PouchesPhase 1.5

The exterior of the Crazy Crows Castle.

An opening deep into the Crazy Crows Castle has been discovered. Radiating from the center of the castle, an alien object pulses a bright aqua-blue while a treasure trove of Old Pouches are scattered all around; $SHINYBITS overflowing from each Pouch. $SHINYBITS are passively generated by Old Pouches and will fuel the Crows ecosystem. There may be some clues as to the origin of the Crazy Crows and how they came to be. The Crows are waiting for you to join them in their quest to find the truth.

Over the last year, your Crazy Crows have been collecting $SHINYBITS and putting them into Old Pouches. These Old Pouches have been hidden in the castle, but now they are ready to be claimed by Crow holders. The Old Pouches instantly start generating $SHINYBITS for the Crows ecosystem once you claim them. No staking required.

  • This part of the project will live on Polygon. (If you are unsure how to connect to Polygon, just ping me in Discord)
  • Old Pouches will generate $SHINYBITS for 3 years. After that, no more $SHINYBITS will be generated.
  • Upgrading your Pouch burns the $SHINYBITS so the supply will be deflationary.
  • Each Old Pouch can be leveled up to Level 5. (or higher?)
  • Each Level gives more $SHINYBITS than the previous Level.
The interior of the Crazy Crows Castle.

Only the Worthy may enter

In the Throne Room of the Crazy Crows Castle, far away from the MadHouse, a portal has been opened. Hidden behind a mirror, this portal leads deep into the depths of the old castle where only the worthy may enter. While the portal works for all Crows, it seems to allow other entities to enter as well. It is not yet known what these entities are, but they seem to be interested in the Old Pouches. How long will this portal remain open? Will the Crows be able to claim all the Old Pouches before the portal closes? Only time will tell.

Old Pouches

A Level 1 Old Pouch

Crows love shiny things. Or so the legend says. As part of the Crazy Crows universe, Old Pouches brings more web3 elements into the Chess focused Utility NFT project. Crazy Crows hopes to expand its community with new and interactive mechanics that foster cooperation, competition and collaboration between Web3 communities. There will be 10,000 Old Pouches available for claiming. They only cost gas to claim. 8,181 are reserved for the Crazy Crows, leaving 1,819 for other TBA communities. Each Old Pouch grants its holder access to the marketplace and some TBA NFTs. Old Pouches also passively generate $SHINYBITS for the Crows ecosystem. These SHINYBITS can be used to do a number of things.


  • Each Old Pouch yields $SHINYBITS without the need to stake.
  • Level 1 - 1 $SHINYBITS / day
  • Level 2 - 2 $SHINYBITS / day
  • Level 3 - 4 $SHINYBITS / day
  • Level 4 - 8 $SHINYBITS / day
  • Level 5 - 16 $SHINYBITS / day

Leveling Up Old Pouches

  • Level up from Level 1 to 2 - 70 $SHINYBITS (70 days at Lvl 1)
  • Level up from Level 2 to 3 - 350 $SHINYBITS (175 days at Lvl 2)
  • Level up from Level 3 to 4 - 3500 $SHINYBITS (875 days at lvl 3)
  • Level up from Level 4 to 5 - 30000 $SHINYBITS (3750 days at lvl 4)

Crazy Crows Marketplace

This marketplace will be a little different than other NFT Marketplaces. It will be curated with items that can be purchased with $SHINYBITS. What kind of items? We have not yet seen what lies within the Marketplace in the Castles depths. However, we expect it could be items similar to, NFT whitelist spots, Merch, Web2 Gift Cards, Chess memberships, Chess lessons, Customized chessboards, and more. These items will be represented by an ERC1155 token which can be purchased with $SHINYBITS. Some items will have a limited supply... the first person with enough $SHINYBITS to be able to purchase them, will be able to do so. You have been warned.

  • The $SHINYBITS used to mint an item from the market, go to the Pouches Treasury to be used for giveaways and rewards to the community.

How did my Crows get so Crazy?

We should probably address the gaint glowing ball of blue energy in the room. The exact origins of this alien object are unknown. However, something has drawn Crows from far and wide to this object. As they approach the object, they go crazy. It effects some Crows more than others, however, the longer they are near it, the more crazy they become. Collectors from all over the metaverse have created a permanent bond with their crows and have been holding on to them for a long time. Now that they know the origins of their Crazy Crow, they are eager to claim their Old Pouches and see what lies within the Crazy Crows Castle. The question still remains, where did this object of Energy come from? There are clues in the Discord. If you are interested in finding out more, you can join the Discord and start looking for clues.

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